Bloglines to die

Bloglines is to die on Oct 1. I’ve been using this for years for my feeds and simply don’t know what to do now! I can’t check 50 blogs on the chance there’s something posted and I certainly can’t rely on “social networks” to mention something I’m interested in.

What to do, what to do?


2 responses to “Bloglines to die

  1. …google reader?

  2. Hi Jeremy, I am also devastated by the closure of bloglines. A nice easy interface and lots of good features. I found the comments in the media and by the owners of bloglines that twitter was replacing rss absolutely ludicrous.

    I’ve done a bit of looking around on the web to find a replacement and the best I can come up with is google reader. There are not a lot of other web based readers out there. It seems to be fine (I still don’t like it as much as bloglines) – but one thing that worries me is the google monopoly. I would like a bit more diversity of software solutions.

    Speaking of useful softwares going belly up don’t get me started on the demise of Eudora – still arguably the best email package out there for people with high volumes of email. There is no satisfactory replacement for it and I will just keep using it until it is no longer possible for it to run.

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