If RSS is dead, so are blogs

The fact that Bloglines is shutting down Oct 1 has led to a lot of talk about the death of RSS. Supposedly “rivers” of information in real-time like Twitter have killed it. (I don’t know why RSS isn’t considered real-time but put that aside.)

Twitter is great and I do use it to find stuff out, but it’s usually fairly marginal. I subscribe to blogs via RSS because I can rely on their content being stimulating. Tossing it all to the winds and saying “find me if you’re important” is just too dicey. If RSS is dead, then so are blogs. Since blogs are doing very well thank you I don’t see why we can’t use RSS to subscribe to them.


One response to “If RSS is dead, so are blogs

  1. Jeremy
    I have found a Japanese rss reader which looks a bit like bloglines http://fastladder.com/help/ I am still testing it to see how it is. So far I am liking it better than google reader.

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