You (auto)complete me

Google has a feature that completes a search with the most popular suggestion, called autocomplete. It’s apparently based on all the search activity of other users.

Here are some results for various geographers (and others):

Derek Gregory the colonial present
Stuart Elden blog
Rob Kitchin blog
Noam Chomsky quotes
Foucault power
Derrida gift of death
Michael Jordan
Hitler mustache (somebody told me once he has a degree in geography… no, I don’t know why he has a Hitler mustache)
David Cameron
bloody sunday
Ed Miliband wife (again, ??)
Margaret Thatcher dementia
Sarah Palin
booed (and breast implants, and refudiate)
Meg Whitman
housekeeper (that was fast)


Jeremy Crampton twitter

Seems like most people are only interested in our social media activity! I guess we’re not as interesting as politicians.


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