12 theses of WikiLeaks in Le Monde by Geert Lovin & Patrice Riemen

This appeared in Le Monde a few days ago, reprinting comments from the Nettime discussion list in August.

I don’t know either Geert Lovin or Patrice Riemen, but the latter is described as a social geographer.

A taste:

Nonetheless Wikileaks, by word of its best-known representative Julian Assange, think that, as a puny non-state and non-corporate actor, it is boxing in the same weight-class as the U.S. government – and starts to behave accordingly. One could call this the ’Talibanization’ stage of postmodern – “Flat World” – theory where scales, times, and places have been declared largely irrelevant. What counts is the celebrity momentum and the intensive accumulation of media attention.

Although I actually think this is wrong as far as it goes… it sounds a bit Paul Virilio-like.


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