Droid wars!

My phone. (Not my hand.)

Little did I know…

I like Apple. Some of my best friends are Macs.

But I bought an Android (Google) phone because I’m with Sprint (which I’m told has the best digital network in the USA™) and iPhones seem a bit clunky. Plus, it won’t drop calls like AT&T, ha. More seriously, it’s also open source. Mine came with Android 2.2.

It also has Flash, turn by turn navigation, can act as a wifi hotspot (for additional $30 a month) and an HDMI port (as I understand it, IPhone has none of these).

And it’s outselling the iPhone! Yes, according to the Grauniad‘s Pass Notes anyway.

Do say: “Switching to Android was the best decision I ever made.”

Don’t say: “Downloading Angry Birds was the last decision I ever made.”


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