Esri earns $634 million from US Gov. contracts

Esri is a privately held company that does not usually disclose details of its financial contracts. However, the US government’s own records show that it has paid the California-based GIS company over $634 million in over 7,500 different contracts in the last ten years. By far the largest number of these have been from the Department of Defense.

In one contract in 2002 for example, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)–formerly known as the Defense Mapping Agency (DMA)–paid Esri $15 million for “undisclosed and classified” products and services.

While Esri’s deals with the DoD and other government agencies are not a secret (Jack Dangermond issued a press release last summer touting their “20-year” partnership with the NGA and a new “strategic” initiative), the size and dollar amount are generally not disclosed. The specific details of these deals are also not disclosed.

Esri is more than simply a software company, and in its own press release states that it provides “products, services, and analysis” to the intelligence community for “intelligence, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, and humanitarian operations.”

Another interesting fact that can be gleaned from the open government website which provided these figures, is the size of Esri itself. In the most recent contract, signed February 9, 2011, Esri is described as having $447m in annual revenues.


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