Obama’s “open government” offers classified intel budget

From President Obama’s budget yesterday:

NIP’s [The National Intelligence Program] budget is classified, so the President’s Budget does not publicly disclose funding requests for intelligence activities.

So much for transparency! Even the DoD has a published budget. Didn’t Obama run on a plank of a more open government? How about just one number?

Update 2/18/11. Seems my wish was granted. According to Steve Aftergood of the Federation of American Scientists (FAS) the budget request is $55 billion for FY 2012. This is the first time such a request has been disclosed.

The disclosure of the budget request constitutes a new milestone in the “normalization” of intelligence budgeting. It sets the stage for a direct appropriation of intelligence funds, to replace the deliberately misleading practice of concealing intelligence funds within the defense budget.  Doing so would also enable the Pentagon to (accurately) report a smaller total budget figure, a congenial prospect in tight budget times.


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