The Census Bureau does Twitter

At the moment the US Census Bureau is in the midst of releasing redistricting data at the local level, meaning down to the block. This is basic count data. It’s noteworthy I think that since this data is used for redistricting that they include only racial/ethnic categories out of all the data they have (income, age, poverty rates, number of bathrooms etc.). They could of course just release basic population counts to ensure that each district is similarly sized and to take into account changes in population. It does show how politics and race are still very intertwined even in a “post-racial” society. (I am aware that these data are often used to assess and prevent racial discrimination in redistricting.)

Announcements about which states have been released (unfortunately neither Georgia nor Florida as yet) are here.

Those on Twitter can follow @uscensusbureau which typically breaks the announcement of which states will be next before the website. I recommend this if you’re on Twitter.

A fuller accounting of data release over the next 2-3 years (!) is available here.

At the moment I’m reading Matt Hannah’s new book, Dark Territory in the Information Age about the German census protests, so this is all very relevant. I’ll be speaking about the book on the Author Meets Critics panel at the Seattle AAG.


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