Former GEOINT military intelligence officer decries Bradley Manning as “bad apple,” compares to real “patriots”

Marv Gordner, a former military intelligence officer (Lieutenant Colonel, Retd.) who now writes a blog column in where “he shares his knowledge and insights into the Defense and Intelligence side of GEOINT” has decried the alleged actions of Bradley Manning in passing government secrets to WikiLeaks. Gordner labels Manning a “bad apple” and says that his alleged actions “are considered treason.” He does not identify who “considers” this treason or specify if he has any legal expertise or grounds for this judgement.

By contrast, Gordner says that when he “walk[s] the halls of the annual GEOINT Symposium, you can almost feel the deep dedication and patriotism that permeate this community.”

Gordner apparently fails to consider Manning’s reported statements that he too was motivated by feelings of patriotism and concern for the integrity of the United States, or that he is in the line of whistleblowers in this country. (Daniel Ellsberg who leaked the Pentagon Papers, which were more secret than the WikiLeaks cables, has called Manning a “hero” who acted patriotically).

Ironically, in a later column, Gordner warns against “pitfalls” you can make as an intelligence officer, including groupthink, blindly obeying your boss, and assuming that your values are universal (“mirror imaging”).


One response to “Former GEOINT military intelligence officer decries Bradley Manning as “bad apple,” compares to real “patriots”

  1. I wonder what Gordner thinks of the fighter pilots in the “collateral murder” video who opened fire on a van that 1) had two young children in it and 2) was only trying to help the wounded, not violently engage in warfare at all. Are these fighter pilots ‘bad apples’ are are they oozing patriotism like Gordner?

    And then there is the “Arab Spring” which was partially sparked by documents allegedly leaked by Manning. Who has done more to support real democracy in the world, Gordner or Manning?

    The world is so backwards.

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