NGA Watch: Opportunity to meet analysts

The US Geospatial Intelligence Foundation (USGIF) and Women in Technology (WIT) recently offered a chance to meet NGA personnel.

The pdf of the speakers, mostly women, is here. The bios always offer a chance to do some “data mining” about details of the NGA, such as this person here:

[Beth C. Flanagan] Ms. Flanagan is the Chief, Integrated Operations Group, Analysis and Production Directorate overseeing operations at several NGA facilities worldwide, the Office of Special Programs, as well as the Time Dominant Operation Center and the NGA Support Teams providing direct support to CIA, NSA, and NGA. The group provides senior-level oversight of NGA mission activities within the IC, DoD and other external governmental organizations on cross-Agency collaborative initiatives. Previous NGA leadership assignments include: Director, Source Expeditionary Element; Director, Source Strategies Office; Chief of Staff, Analysis and Production Directorate; and Deputy Chief, USPACOM NST. She has held positions in a broad cross-section of organizations within NGA and she began her career with the federal government in 1989.

Lovely details for creating an org chart!


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