First Georgia redistricting plan submitted

A class at Columbia Law School on redistricting has produced the first known redistricting plan for Georgia. The actual redistricting process in the state legislature is not expected to produce plans until late summer 2011.

Georgia has received an additional, 14th Congressional District (CD), which due to population growth will have to be inserted in the northern Metro area. The student map, by Matthew Galeotti, reflects this very well.

(Click for larger image).

Galeotti also provides basic data for the new district:

District  Ideal pop.  Dev.  % Dev.  %WVAP  %BVAP  %HVAP
14         691975     0     0.00%   72.51% 12.23% 9.56%

An amazing job on the deviation from the ideal population!

The other figures refer to the White, Black and Hispanic voting-age population. (It would be nice to get the electoral data for the new districts). Nevertheless, this is clearly GOP territory.

The new district in detail:


2 responses to “First Georgia redistricting plan submitted

  1. That’s not a new district…no matter what they named it. That is basically Tom Price 6th district with some minor modifications. The new seat is the one north of that.

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