Catching up

Sorry for the radio silence over the last couple of weeks. Things in real life have been very busy though, both on a personal level and professionally.

On the personal front I’ve gone under contract on my house and also gone under contract on a new house in Lexington! Spent a week in Lex. looking around with a great agent (references available!) and chose a Queen Anne era (1880s) house on W. 3rd St. About twice as big as my current one but not overly huge (2600 square feet). Will need some work for sure but can be moved in to. Even has a koi pond at back! Great location downtown.

Professionally I completed and submitted a chapter on space, territory and geography for A Companion to Foucault, edited by Chris Falzon, Tim O’Leary, and Jana Sawicki (Blackwell, 2012). There are some great contributors to this, including Colin Gordon, Richard Lynch on History of Sexuality Vol. 1, and Paul Alberts on Foucault and the environment. There’s also a translation of Defert’s Chronology from Dits et Ecrits.

I was also asked to write a short piece for an intervention on WikiLeaks being put together by Simon Springer and Heather Chi for Political Geography. The whole thing will be 11,000 words with mine being 1800 or so (I don’t know the other contributors as yet). I wrote this last week, basically arguing that WikiLeaks is part of a bigger political confrontation between government and the public’s access to and control of information. (Simon and Heather had asked me to situate this in terms of “political agency and governmentality.”)

I’m also just finishing a set of comments arising from the “Author Meets Critics” at the Seattle AAG session on Matt Hannah’s new book Dark Territory in the Information Age. Also for Political Geography. Some constraints here: I wrote over 4,000 words for this but the publication limit is 1750! Actually I probably overdid it originally, so compressing it will tighten it up. The other commenters are Neil Smith and Patricia Ehrkamp, with a reply by Matt.

After that I’ll be returning to tidy up a piece for Environment and Planning A on the geoweb, edited by my new colleague Matthew Wilson and Mark Graham of the Oxford Internet Institute.

Then after that it’s a short sojourn in Paris (via London and the EuroStar) for the International Cartographic Conference (ICC). I fly out on the Friday July 1 and then will be staying at a nice flat on the Champs Élysées. My paper will be July 5 at 4:30 (or 16:30 as they say there).

When I get back on the 10th, it’s really straight up to Lexington, as the movers will have been on the 29th just before I leave. Not sure when I’m closing on the house up there yet, would obviously prefer the 12th, but these things have their own rhythms and delays.

It’s all go!


One response to “Catching up

  1. griffithinsider

    Am writing a thesis on Public Trust in WikiLeaks, the Media and the Government and need to know what your opinions are. The online survey is multiple choice and will take approximately 10 minutes to complete. Please follow the link: Please encourage others to do the survey also.

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