Georgia gets its new Congressional districts

Here it is:

And here is what I predicted earlier in the year, pretending I was the GOP legislature:

Fun! I see I wasn’t nearly ruthless enough. They split the City of Atlanta. And John Barrow looks in trouble (GA-12).

Here’s Rep. John Lewis hinting at a legal challenge:

“I am very disappointed by the proposed congressional maps released today by the Georgia General Assembly. It is an affront to the spirit and letter of the Voting Rights Act. The City of Atlanta should remain whole and attempts to split the City are nothing more than naked partisanship.”

Swing State project quotes David Jarman:

I can say this is a really effective screw-job against Rep. John Barrow, one of the few white Blue Dogs in the South who survived 2010. The new GA-12, centered on Augusta and shorn of Barrow’s adopted hometown of Savannah, went 44% for Obama, 55% for McCain (down from 54/45 under the old lines). The flipside is that it’s now equal to GOP Rep. Jack Kingston’s GA-01, which used to be 36/63, but thanks to taking on African-American majority Savannah, is now also 44/55.

Never underestimate the old political adage: elections have consequences.


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