GA redistricting map progresses to Governor’s desk

From the Atlanta Business Chronicle:

The Georgia Senate gave final approval to new congressional district lines Wednesday, the final act in a special redistricting session of the General Assembly that began Aug. 15.

The new map, which passed the Republican-controlled Senate 34-21 along party lines, is expected to yield a congressional delegation of 10 Republicans and four Democrats following next year’s elections, up from the current 8-5 GOP majority.

As has been menti0ned here before the new political landscape of Georgia is much more Republican-friendly, with the new district going in to GOP territory north of Atlanta.

But Republicans are angling for two seats by radically affecting John Barrow (D-12):

But the most significant change from the current map moves the 12th Congressional District represented by Democrat John Barrow out of heavily Democratic areas of Savannah, Ga., into the Republican-leaning suburbs of Augusta, Ga.

While Barrow is vowing to move into the district from his Savannah home and run for re-election, the redrawn district strongly favors his yet-to-be-determined Republican challenger.

My guess is that they’ll be successful in this ploy.


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