WikiLeaks cable: Turkey protests use of map of Kurdistan

Following the decision by WikiLeaks on Friday morning to release the full set of US State Department cables in unredacted, searchable form, a cable detailing protests by Turkey on the use of a map used in a NATO college class has come to light.

The unclassified cable, which was sent from the US Embassy in Ankara in September 2006, documents a complaint by Turkey over the use of a map by a retired Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters which redraws the boundaries of Turkey to show an independent Turkmenistan.

The cable continues:

This was Esenli\'s second call in six weeks on the 
\"Peters map,\" which appeared in the June 2006 edition of 
Armed Forces Journal together with an article entitled \"Blood 
Borders: How a Better Middle East Would Look,\" that received 
extensive coverage in Ankara.  In late July, he and other 
Turkish officials complained about the map, with some 
suggesting that it depicted the U.S. vision of the \"new 
Middle East\" outlined by Secretary Rice.

The US tried to reassure Turkey that the map did not reflect official US policy, and notes how sensitive Ankara is to its borders and calls the whole thing a bit of a “map crisis.”

(NB this is not the same as the Peters projection.)


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