It just became harder to support WikiLeaks, but we should still pursue its goals

With the release two days ago of the full, unredacted cables by WikiLeaks, it has become a lot harder to support WikiLeaks as it is currently run. However, we should not deviate from its mission of transparency, or of its goal of rebalancing knowledge assymetries where the state knows all about us but we know increasingly little about it.

There are plenty of WikiLeaks detractors right now who worry for example about confidential aid and human rights workers being named in the cables. There can and should be debate over whether revealing these names is consequential or whether those who cooperate with government should expect to become known.

But whatever the resolution of that debate it is both harder and more necessary than ever to focus on the goals of openness and transparency which are likely to be glossed over in the news and back and forth between WikiLeaks and the Guardian.


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