Balloon mapping the UK campus

Thanks to the incredibly useful mapknitter of the PLOTS project (Public Laboratory for Open Technology and Science) I’ve been able to stitch or knit together a number of images from our first balloon mapping experiment. These are now available on the mapknitter site as you see below:

The results can then be embedded in a website or displayed in any number of map options (including exported as a geotiff for GIS).

I’m using images of different resolutions here (the export takes an average or middle value, or you can manually select an export resolution).

This is the mapknitter tool at work. It uses a Google satellite image as the base map (the zoom level of this is unfortunately restricted, but still very usable).

The goal is to completely map the campus. Any more photography will have to wait however as it has been rainy and overcast for several days here!

One issue I’ve noticed is that there are white edges to the images in the exports.

If anybody can explain that, or suggest a way to avoid this problem, I’d like to hear about it. Has anybody else had the same issue?


4 responses to “Balloon mapping the UK campus

  1. Hi, Jeremy – the white lines are a known bug (some people actually like them because they serve as evidence of how the image was made).

    Would you be interested in reposting your last couple posts on


  2. Thanks Jeremy!!

    If you’d post both as research notes on, we can syndicate it to

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