Balloon mapping–higher this time!

We did more balloon mapping today.

We successfully inflated our bigger balloon…

Only to have it pop on an errant tree branch! (My fault.)

All experiments have to overcome challenges however. The backup balloon was successfully inflated with the very last of the helium. This time we inflated it more (= more height).

UK’s first president James K. Patterson even took part in the action!

The camera was retrieved successfully and had kept clicking through the flight. It took about 2.5 gigs of pictures. It was a little darker today, with only a little wind so we were able to get it really high up.

Here we go…

We soon got some good height.

I’ve had to adjust these pictures a bit in photoshop as you can see. I think we’ve pushed the camera beyond its ability to take high definition imagery at a distance. Of course that’s the result of it being an $80 camera. You could put a better camera up there, but what if the balloon came adrift?  🙂


At this point the camera must have slipped a bit in its soda bottle housing as you can see the green edge of the bottle in the corner.

This one should be usable, pointing almost straight down. Patterson Tower (= 18 floors) is in the bottom left corner.

You can see some of the area we took last time.

Reeling it in you get some different views.


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