NGA lawsuit dismissed


A government agency’s decision to revoke an employee’s security clearance cannot be reviewed by a federal court even if the decision is based on ethnic discrimination or religious prejudice or other unconstitutional grounds, a court said last week.

More here. My original account of this in Oct. 2011 is here.


One response to “NGA lawsuit dismissed

  1. Nice blog, I’ve been following it for a while now. You have no idea how stupid the security personnel are at NGA. Needless to say, CI keeps quite a few talented people with great skill-sets from maintaining a clearance due to stupid things like having foreign contacts. Friends over at DIA say the same thing. (CIA is a whole different can of worms) Evidently, you need to be an introverted, flag pin wearing, conservative to serve in the IC these days. And god-forbid you have any foreign exposure outside of traveling to Israel with a church group. I feel sorry for the state of the IC when I reflect back on my time there.

    Sorry for the rant but it seemed appropriate.


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