Did Foucault visit Lexington?

I was chatting with P.P. Karan the other day when the subject of Foucault came up (I was holding Foucault’s 1978 lecture series in my hand coming back from class). He mentioned something I hadn’t known; that Foucault came to Lexington and the University at some point in the 1970s. Paul said that he’d met Foucault the previous year in Paris, and when he’d found out that Foucault was visiting both Buffalo and (?Minneapolis–can’t remember now) he’d invited him here, saying that Lexington was halfway between them.

Does anybody know the date of this or what Foucault lectured on? I’ve looked at Defert’s Chronologie in Dits et ecrits (by the way an English translation of this is forthcoming) but not found anything for 1970, 19710 or ’72.

Update (3.1.12): Paul has now emailed to say that as he recalls it was 1970, and that Foucault was on his way to California from Buffalo. He talked at UK about “his book on Knowledge” [presumably The Archaeology of Knowledge, in French 1969, English 1972] to a group of graduate students from Sociology, Geography, Political Science and Anthropology. Paul adds that he liked the man, but “our views of the world and society were not identical.”


One response to “Did Foucault visit Lexington?

  1. Wow! That’s a pretty amazing occurrence! Never heard that… and here of all places. The spectre of Foucault is strong!

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