Census 1940–Who lived in my house?

Census returns for 1940 were released at the start of this month and I thought it would be interesting to see who lived in my house at the time. I live on West Third St in Lexington.

As you can see it was a white female-headed household by the name of Leila Wilhoit. She had a roomer and his wife, Ollie Burne and Minnie Burns.

In 1940 my house was worth $1000. However, a bigger house next door was worth $8000. Hm.

A search for Leila Wilhoit turns up someone by that name being made a Notary Public in 1934, for a term of four years. Interestingly on the census return, there is a city judge who lives just down the road, at No. 540.

Then, further, there was a U.S. District Chief Judge Henry R. Wilhoit Jr. in Lexington, Kentucky, who was born in 1935. Leila’s son? If so, why not listed at the same address in 1940? And where’s Leila’s husband? It says she’s married.

There’s also another legal minded Wilhoit, Scott C. Wilhoit, who is an attorney with Clark & Ward.

Come forward all you Wilhoits!

As for Ollie Burns he was a fireman with the “narcotic hospital” (?), who worked 52 weeks a year for $1200. Which I guess might be this.

If it is the same place, apparently William S. Burroughs was there, as was Leona Helmsly and any number of musicians, and this site even links it to the CIA MK-ULTRA program! Anyway, today it is the Federal Medical Center.

Here’s the map.

Wow, who knew this genealogy stuff was so interesting!


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