The .22 caliber cigarette and other gadgets of the OSS

Couldn’t resist getting this book out, a republication of the rare OSS weapons manual (OSS Special Weapons and Equipment, Spy Devices of WWII, by H. Keith Melton).

Pictures speak louder than words, so herewith:

The .22 caliber cigarette. Careful who you share ciggies with!

Simulated poop smell. Highly offensive.

Cool! A folding motorbike for air drops. I say, invented by the British. Top speed 30mph!

No spy would be caught without a miniature camera.

The famous pen gun.

Exploding coal! Confound your enemies and amuse your friends. Breaks the ice at parties!

Take that! Oof!

What, no suicide pill?

Probably not a problem for Katniss.

For the cryptos…

This is just a small selection. There were actually suicide pills (L-pills). don’t smoke cigarettes? There was also an exploding pipe (Captain Haddock anyone?). Great boy’s own stuff…



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