Taking government intel money–would you do it?

Would you take $443,000 to build a Certificate Program?

Would you take $443,000 from the government to build a Certificate Program? What about from a government intelligence agency?

If you would like to do so, do you think you have an equal opportunity to get a grant like this?

What do you have to agree to, to get such a government intelligence agency grant?

These questions come to mind with the news of the latest university to receive a NGA Certification grant, awarded to Fayetteville State University in North Carolina:

to support the development of a geospatial intelligence certificate to be offered to students pursuing undergraduate degrees in geography, computer science, and intelligence studies at the university.

Both my alma mater (Penn State) and former employers have received similar accreditation. At the same time we read of the militarization of academic research, and the retasking of anthropological and geographical knowledges to support counterinsurgency (COIN, see Key Finding #9).

Might be interesting to discuss this at AAG.


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