Navy SEAL in bin Laden raid unmasked

A Navy SEAL who was part of the raid on bin Laden’s headquarters has apparently written a book about his exploits. Although it was written under a pseudonym, media reports have already identified the author.

The book comes at a time when concern about leaks is at a fever pitch in Washington and in the White House. The Obama administration has been especially tough on whistleblowers (defined as those who wish to report wrong doing, malfeasance or waste and have a reasonable belief their superiors will not act upon the evidence). However, since the book was not cleared by the DoD or the CIA speculation is that it may contain classified information (or if not, be a very short book).

This raises the question of whether this is leak, a leak which the administration winks at (a large amount of very derring-do information was leaked by the administration after the raid) or something else. Will they prosecute or quietly reward the author? (Added: On the other hand, the book may turn out to be highly critical of the WH.) As Glenn Greenwald writes in the Guardian, this is also in the context of judicial refusals to provide records of the raid. Are those refusals now overtaken by leaked information?

The book is being published on the symbolic date of September 11, just a couple of months before a presidential election.

One response to “Navy SEAL in bin Laden raid unmasked

  1. Sojourner Truth

    I wonder if the db’s trying to swiftboat President Obama are going to call for some kind of sanctions against this guy? Probably not, because then we’ll know that their accusations were just BS.

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