“Revenge of Geography” Book Launch

A book launch for The Revenge of Geography: What the Map Tells us About Coming Conflicts and the Battle Against Fate, by Robert D. Kaplan will be held next week in DC.

The book is an expansion of Kaplan’s article in the Atlantic, and has already attracted the attention of geographers in a 2009 piece in the journal Human Geography (paywall) by John Morrissey, Simon Dalby, Gerry Kearns, and Gerard Toal.

This looks like being a big splashy affair, with David Ignatius of the Washington Post hosting an event at the Willard InterContinental Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Interesting to see that Kaplan is now “Chief Geopolitical Analyst” with Stratfor, the security firm which had its emails hacked earlier this year.


6 responses to ““Revenge of Geography” Book Launch

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  4. How is that interesting. They seem to be two different considerations; sorta a conjunction fallacy.

  5. Sorry, but this book is just full of incoherent nonsense: http://andreasmoser.wordpress.com/2012/09/21/revenge-of-geography/ I could not go on reading it after detecting a handful of factual and logical flaws in the first couple of minutes of listening to Mr Kaplan.

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