Kentucky election results: instant map!

How did Kentucky vote in last night’s election?

Using AP data downloaded from here, I made an instant map in ArcGIS 10.1 of the results by county:

The map shows the spatial distribution of voting percentage by county for President Obama.

Rather than just doing a simple choropleth map, it’s often better to look at how a place differs from the average to get a measure of the different politics of the state. So here you can see by county where votes were very much lower for Obama (brown shading) and higher for Obama (light blues).

Here’s a regular choropleth map of percent of the vote by county; showing a clear Romney victory (via NYT, follow link to interactive version). As you can see the maps are (and should be) broadly similar. However, the first map indicates the situation in a bit more detail, for say redistricting or GOTV purposes.


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