A history of distance?

A colleague recently asked me if geographers have written anything on the history of distance as a concept, especially since the Medieval period and the early modern. (He had in mind Elden’s history of territory.) I must admit I was stumped.

Have we?

Update (Thurs): In the comments, Clive Barnett and Stuart Elden both offer useful pointers to this. Stuart discusses it on his blog here. There is apparently some discussion in his forthcoming book, under the topic of the spatium, but as he says there’s no doubt much more to it (he points to Heidegger). Seems worth investigating!


4 responses to “A history of distance?

  1. Hello Jeremy
    Not so much a history of the concept, more a contemporary genealogy of variables forms of distance – http://www.uk.sagepub.com/books/Book232945

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  3. I’ve been working on a short book about “distance” for a while, though it often gets bumped by other commitments. There are some important things that geographers have contributed over the years, but I’m taking a much broader perspective than our disciplinary one. Though I love the research, it’ll probably be one of my longer writing projects.

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