Chris Priest 1st editions available–from the author!

Christopher Priest, an author who has influenced my take on the world in more ways than one, is offering very limited quantities of first edition, first print runs of his books.

Three books are mentioned, The Affirmation (above, 1981), The Glamour and The Quiet Woman.

Luckily I still have my own first edition of both The Affirmation and The Glamour (as well as Infinite Summer and A Dream of Wessex). The former is the first of his work to be set in the “Dream Archipelago” and although Priest says it is not one of his best, I think that actually it is. It has all his signature writing style: deceptively smooth (akin to Graham Greene perhaps), a very “English” protagonist, and of course the interleaving of lived reality with external reality. This is what I mean by saying his work has influenced me: it led me to pursue a study of perceptual geographies in undergrad and grad school.

The other piece that is surely more relevant now than ever? The short story “The Watched” (1978) featuring millions of tiny surveillance devices like confetti that get tracked into your house and in your clothes (also set in the mysterious Dream Archipelago). Not long to go before that comes true then.


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