Foucault’s h-index?

Given the recent discussion on the crit-geog list about scholarly citations, I thought it would be amusing to see how this applied to Foucault, who obviously pre-deceased any of these metrics. Well, he’s still going strong:



But do I detect a levelling off, especially in recent years? Has the “Foucault market” reached saturation? What we need is some innovation to increase competitiveness! The REF demands he show impact.


5 responses to “Foucault’s h-index?

  1. Seems to have peaked in 2012 though!

  2. Clive, it’s just an artefact, not all the papers for 2012 have been indexed yet, not all the citations from 2012 are yet updated on google. I expect a continued plateau effect, at least until more critical academics find employment

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