Does the US generate violence?

Andrew Sullivan (among others):

 I do think the US – mainly since 9/11 – has been generating violence on a large scale, most recently by invading and occupying Iraq and not providing minimal security for its inhabitants, leading to a sectarian bloodbath bigger even that Syria’s current horror.

OK. And how can we know (rather than just assert, argue, claim, deny, avoid, suspect, politicize, etc) this? By “we” I mean that this is mutually agreed upon as a fact if it is true?

Or is this just an unknowable?


2 responses to “Does the US generate violence?

  1. War and violence can be justified by some. I personally despise war and violence. But from a more moderate perspective, my problem with our wars and involvements in the middle east is the amount of civilian casualties. The number of civilian deaths during the Iraq war is well over a hundred thousand. It is fair to assume that the grand majority of these were a direct result of the war, initiated by the US on false intelligence.

  2. Coincident to me posting this, Glenn Greenwald of the Guardian was sent this tweet:

    The list of military activity was compiled by geographer Zoltan Grossman.

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