A nice coincidence

Two books in which I have contributions arrived today.


I’m very pleased about this–it shows a nice diversity of interests I think. In the Cultural Geography book I have a chapter on “Mappings.” In the Foucault book I have a chapter on “Space, Territory, Geography.” Thanks to the editors and especially Rich Schein and Chris Falzon for inviting me.

Both are probably books I have bought anyway–that is, if I could have afforded them!

Incidentally, for anyone thinking about contributing chapters to edited texts (especially for tenure purposes) I looked up when I was first contacted to write these chapters. In the case of the Foucault volume it predates my move to UKY 2 years ago. I don’t have all my prior emails but I would guess it was no later than summer 2010. That’s over 1,000 days or about 2 years 10 months between the invitation to receiving the published volume.

The cultural geography book was a little swifter. I was invited on February 21, 2011, or 816 days or 2 years 2 months 26 days ago. Neither book had any delays or issues as far as I know. These are fairly “normal” publishing schedules, so beware!


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