Jeremy Crampton – The Costs of Security

“The Costs of Security.” My new piece at the Society & Space open access site. Thanks to Stuart Elden and the editors at EPD for their interest in this, as well as the longer version coming out in the print journal.

Society and space

Jeremy W. Crampton discusses recent developments around security, surveillance and the state. This is a shorter version of a commentary forthcoming in Society & Space, Vol 31 No 4, entitled “Is Security Sustainable?” [Update: now available open access here] Jeremy also runs the Open Geography site where he discusses a range of related questions, as well as his long-standing interests in cartography, Foucault, and other geographical issues. 

Addendum: Crampton has added further thoughts at his site Open Geographies since Snowden’s online interview today at the Guardian site. –eds.

The recent revelations in the Guardian by Glenn Greenwald and his colleagues about the mass surveillance operations of the US intelligence community (IC) have brought unusual attention to government activities that typically operate in conditions of extreme secrecy.

There’s more to come—Greenwald has promised further stories on the National Security Agency (NSA). Amidst all the revelations and the speculation, however, we…

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