Hannah reviews Schulten’s Mapping the Nation

Matt Hannah has reviewed Susan Schulten’s Mapping the Nation: History and Cartography in Nineteenth-Century America (Chicago) on H-Net Reviews.

Susan Schulten’s Mapping the Nation is physically attractive, based on sound scholarly work yet accessibly written, and effectively supplemented by a user-friendly website offering a good selection of high-resolution images of historical maps and charts (www.mappingthenation.com ).The intuitive simplicity of the argument for the current relevance of the topic only reinforces the impression of a well-conceived and timely study. As Schulten, a history professor at the University of Denver, writes on the website, “Today we live in a world that is saturated with maps and graphic knowledge. The maps on this site reveal how this involved a fundamentally new way of thinking.” The “way of thinking” that coalesced as the tradition of thematic mapping has at its core the use of maps not as general representations of a region but as selectively focused analytical tools that can highlight unseen patterns, raise new questions, and generate new answers to modern problems.

Complete review here. I’m also in the process of reading this for a review in Antipode.


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