Psychologist behind torture and interrogation speaks for first time

James Mitchell, one of the people who designed the CIA interrogation program of prisoners after 9/11, has broken his media silence. In a remarkable interview at the Guardian he provided a robust defense of his actions:

“The people on the ground did the best they could with the way they understood the law at the time,” he said. “You can’t ask someone to put their life on the line and think and make a decision without the benefit of hindsight and then eviscerate them in the press 10 years later.”

The Guardian’s headline is actually “CIA torture architect breaks silence to defend ‘enhanced interrogation'” which highlights that they are one of the few major media outlets to use the word “torture.”

I found the comments very instructive (very little love for this guy). But what about this one, given that we’ve just come from an AAG where the organization’s role was criticized:

And this war criminal still holds a professional license to practice psychology and destroy even more lives.

The American Psychology Association must be staffed with similar thinking war-criminal wanna be’s. They refused to rebuke his anti-ethical behavior.

Plenty to think about there.

One response to “Psychologist behind torture and interrogation speaks for first time

  1. Reblogged this on PHILOSOPHY IN A TIME OF ERROR and commented:
    Jeremy Crampton picks on the Guardian article where they get the first interview with James Mitchell, who was instrumental and quite hands-on in the CIA torture program after 9/11. He is also (still!) a licensed psychologist, as noted in what is, for the Guardian a generally pretty good set of comments below the article.

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