disClosure 23 now available

Last spring (2013) I had the honor and privilege to co-teach the annual Social Theory seminar, with three colleagues, Jenny Rice, Jeff Peters, and Susan Larson. The seminar is a long-standing feature of the Committee on Social Theory, which was founded at UKY in the spring of 1989 by JP Jones, Ted Schatzki, and Wolfgang Natter (see Postmodern Contentions, 1993).

The topic we proposed, “Mapping,” attracted a superb and diverse group of graduate students. Another tradition of the CST is the production of a journal, disClosure, which is totally written and produced by graduate students in CST and the seminar. There is a nice story on this year’s editors, Rachel Hoy and Christina Williams, here.

Issue 23 of disClosure on “Mapping” (2014) is now out. It contains a great selection of content, including poetry, interviews and articles from authors near (Transylvania University, Lexington) and far (Istanbul Technical University, University of Leeds). This year the journal goes solely online.

Three of our visitors to Lexington for the seminar, Neil Brenner, Swati Chattopadhyay and Derek Gregory were interviewed by graduate students, and those interviews are now available here. I would like to acknowledge and thank the students, as well as our visitors, for these interesting interviews. They go unfortunately unnamed in the title of the piece but they are: Jessa Loomis, Lindsay Shade (Neil Brenner), Sarah Soliman and Erin Newell (Swati Chattopadhyay), and Austin Crane, Sophie Strosberg and Marita Murphy (Derek Gregory).


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    The new issue of the Kentucky social theory journal disClosure, on Mappings, including an interview with Derek Gregory among other things.

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