Why We Can’t Trust the CIA to Redact the Senate Report on CIA Torture


An honest broker?  Not the mysterious addition of FOUO marking. An honest broker? Note the mysterious addition of FOUO marking.

Steve Aftergood at Secrecy News provides the latest example of why it is a bad idea to let the CIA redact the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report on CIA torture.  In a move of head-shaking censorship that Aftergood charitably describes as “a surprise,” the Office of National Intelligence (which nominally oversees the CIA) redacted an Intelligence Community Directive on Human Intelligence to withhold from the public the fact that the CIA “collects, analyzes, produces, and disseminates foreign intelligence and counterintelligence, including information obtained through clandestine means.”

This censorship is all the more “surprising” considering  twoother iterations of the same document, are freely available on the internet, fully uncensored.

The ODNI produced this FOIA denial in response to a FOIA request by Robert Sesek.  Despite being clearly marked “unclassified,” it was redacted under a b(3) statutory exemption, probably 50 U.S.C. § 403(g)…

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