Call for Papers: Power and Space in the Drone Age – Neuchâtel, 27-28 August 2015

Reblogged from Stuart Elden’s page. Call for papers to Power and Space in the Drone Age, to be held next August in Neuchatel, Switzerland. Keynote speakers include Stuart, Pete Adey, Ian Shaw, Ole Jensen and myself.

Progressive Geographies

Call for papers for an interesting conference coming up next year – I’ll be one of the keynote speakers.

Call for Papers: Power and Space in the Drone Age

Two-day international workshop, Institute of Geography, Neuchâtel University, Switzerland
27-28 August 2015
Organizers: Francisco Klauser and Silvana Pedrozo, Institute of Geography, Neuchâtel University

Today, a variety of surveillant technologies that were hardly accessible previously to the public are becoming cheaper and more sophisticated at an exponential rate. This includes drones. In Switzerland, 20,000 drones are currently estimated to be in public and private use. The resulting proliferation of aerial control raises a series of critical questions. These range from the changing regimes of visibility across urban and rural space to the novel dynamics of power, counterpower and resistance implied by contemporary drone developments. In approaching these issues, the workshop places centrally the concepts of space and power. Drones are hereby approached as…

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