History of Cartography Vol 6 published

The History of Cartography Project Volume 6 Cartography in the Twentieth Century has been published by the University of Chicago Press. Mark Monmonier is the Editor.

As it happens the sample content for Vol 6 includes the whole of my entry on “Race, Maps and the Social Construction of” and is available online including color reproductions!

The Volume is in two books consisting of over 2,000 pages and 805 color plates for 529 entries for a price of $500/£350. I’ve briefly examined the books and they look fabulous.

I was fortunate enough to attend the publication party at the Newberry Library in Chicago. Below are pictures of Mark Monmonier giving a short talk at the book launch, and Roz Woodward (L) & Jude Leimer (R). David Woodward and Brian Harley were the original editors, conceiving the project in 1977. Matthew Edney is now overall Editor. David was represented by his wife Roz who gave a nice talk (unfortunately I didn’t hear of any Harley family members at the event, although I believe one of his daughters lives in Wisconsin).



There are dozens of articles I’d want to read, were I to be so lucky as to possess a copy (not a hint, pretty much a pure plea!), including:

American Geographical Society
Analytical Cartography
Cartographic Duplicity in the German Democratic Republic
Choropleth Map
Cold War
Dasymetric Map
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI; U.S.)
Ethnographic Map
Geographic Information System (GIS)
Harley, J(ohn) B(rian)
Harrison, Richard Edes
Harvard Laboratory for Computer Graphics and Spatial Analysis (U.S.)
Histories of Cartography
History of Cartography Project
Interactive Map
Jefferson, Mark Sylvester William
Justus Perthes (Germany)
Lobeck, Armin K(ohl)
Martin, Lawrence
Martonne, Emmanuel de
Mathematics and Cartography
Mercator Projection
Narrative and Cartography
Orienteering Map
Paris Peace Conference (1919)
Peters Projection [who wrote that entry I wonder?]
Raisz, Erwin (Josephus)
Robinson, Arthur H(oward)
Robinson Projection
Snyder, John P(arr)
Statistical Map
Statistics and Cartography
SYMAP (software)
Tharp, Marie
Thematic Mapping
Tobler, Waldo R(udolph)
U.S. Intelligence Community, Mapping by the
Warfare and Cartography
Women in Cartography
Woodward, David
World Revolution and Cartography
World War I
World War II
Wright, John K(irtland)


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