An Existential Ride w/ Hubert Dreyfus

A video interview of Hubert Dreyfus, the famous philosopher. Covering Heidegger, Descartes, embodiment, AI and almost getting fired at MIT. His book What Computers Can’t do, and What Computers Still Can’t Do, are influential texts against the possibility of a (certain type of) AI. I wonder what he would say, though, to the development of “embodied AI” (ie robots)?

I’m glad to see he drives a stylish car, not the pieces of junk the rest of us drive! Update: see below!

His next book was written with Charles Taylor and is called Retrieving Realism.

An Existential Ride w/ Hubert Dreyfus.

via An Existential Ride w/ Hubert Dreyfus.

Credit: Stuart Elden


One response to “An Existential Ride w/ Hubert Dreyfus

  1. Reblogged this on Progressive Geographies and commented:
    Jeremy Crampton shares a few thoughts on the Dreyfus video I posted yesterday, and includes a pic of his famous car that I took while on the Berkeley campus last week – as featured on the cover of his two Festschift volumes.

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