New Sheehan on Heidegger

The headline makes this sound rather like an Onion piece:

Stanford scholar upends interpretation of philosopher Martin Heidegger
After a lifetime of studying the German philosopher’s groundbreaking works, Stanford Religious Studies Professor Thomas Sheehan concludes that Heideggerians’ obsession with Being misses the point.

But the story itself is about Thomas Sheehan’s new book and seems serious enough.

Sheehan argues that the “being paradigm” is a relic of a time when scholars and students had only limited access to Heidegger’s corpus. This emphasis on Being was established “when very few of Heidegger’s works were published – only about a dozen in German, some translated into English and some not. Now there are two library shelves’ worth of his published work, some 90 volumes.”

This is all written in press release style, and readers may prefer to draw their own conclusions about the place of Sheehan’s book.


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