Foucault’s Last Decade Update 25 – resubmission of revised manuscript

Stuart’s latest update on his important new Foucault book. Book is now finalized and resubmitted to the publishers. Full table of contents provided. On Facebook he noted that it is one word shy of the 100,000 word limit. A good length.

Progressive Geographies

Update 25 - resubmission (compressed)Foucault’s Last Decade is now back with the press, in what I hope is its final form. It is scheduled for publication in spring 2016.

The first update on this book’s writing was made on July 22 2013 –almost exactly two years ago. I didn’t anticipate this book taking nearly so long, since initially I was drawing on a number of pieces I’d written, presented and sometimes published over the past several years – I’d been writing on nearly every one of Foucault’s courses as they were published. The publication of the last Paris lecture course was only earlier this year – it took eighteen years for all thirteen to be published. The earliest text I drew upon was written back in 1999. But this book has become much more than just a sequential arrangement of that material. A lot of archival work helped with the analysis, as well as…

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