Popular geopolitics of James Bond – ‘The World is not Enough’

Very interesting news from Klaus Dodds about a book he is co-writing with Lisa Funnell on the geopolitics of James Bond. A very rich and certainly problematic topic for sure (and which I hope will include the books as well as the films).

I’ve been a Bond fan since my boyhood in the late 1960s (my first Bond was George Lazenby in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, if for no other reason than we holidayed in Switzerland that year to visit my uncle). It’s always been a problematic relationship, given Bond’s well-known sexism and irrelevance (topics which are often brought up in the films themselves). Looking forward to the book!


Now that a new academic year is upon us again, I thought it was a good time to share (for those of you interested) my progress on advancing my interest in the popular geopolitics of James Bond.

Over the summer, a colleague Lisa Funnell (University of Oklahoma) and me have been writing a book with the working title The World is Not Enough, which brings together our interests in gender, geopolitics and film. We have a good working draft now and explore Bond’s relationship to place and space, and the manner in which he is able to improvise, manage, administer, destroy and discipline those sites and spaces he encounters. It is proving great fun to write and we hope by the end to demonstrate how the where is critical to making sense of the why and how of Bond and mission success. We also think the where plays a…

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