AAG cfp: “Objects of Security and War: Material Approaches to Violence and Conflict”

Very interesting looking session from Kate Kindervater and Ian Shaw:

CFP AAG San Francisco, March 29 – April 2, 2016

Paper Session: Objects of Security and War: Material Approaches to Violence and Conflict

This session aims to bring together scholars working in the areas of war and security that are attentive to the materialities of contemporary violence and conflict. We are especially interested in work that seeks to place objects of security and war within a wider set of practices, assemblages, bodies, and histories. From drones and documents, to algorithms and atom bombs, the materiality of state power continues to anchor and disrupt the conduct and geography of (international) violence. Topics may include, but are not limited to: contemporary and historical surveillance, policing, humanitarian intervention, drone warfare, air power, occupation and resistance, border control, secrecy, infrastructural violence, as well as state and non-state terrorism.  We hope to include papers that can speak to broader questions of the roles of science, technology, and governance in the production of violence and conflict. Given that much of this work in the social sciences has been spearheaded by geographers recently (Amoore 2009; Dittmer 2013; Meehan et al. 2013; Crampton et al. 2014; Shaw and Akhter 2014; Gregory 2015) this session also seeks to generate a wider set of conversations about the intersections between geography and international relations in critical war and security studies.

Please send titles and abstracts to Ian Shaw (Ian.Shaw.2@glasgow.ac.uk) and Kate Kindervater (katharine.h.kindervater@dartmouth.edu) by October 23. We would also be interested to hear from potential discussants.


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