Daniel Defert interview in German – History of Sexuality IV, Les aveux de la chair, will be published

Ah! The secret’s out. I heard this last April in confidence but am glad we can now discuss what this means. Here’s the Google translate:

There is also a Foucault archive in Paris.
Yes, it was recently purchased by the Bibliothèque nationale de France. I have kept for a long time all the manuscripts, because Foucault wanted no posthumous publications. After years, we have, I and the family, but decided to publish works. Last year I sold the 37,000 pages of handwritten manuscripts to the National Biobliothèque.
Located among them Foucault “Aveux de la chair”, the fourth volume of “sexuality and truth”?
No. The family has however decided to publish everything.
For real? Even the fourth volume of “sexuality and truth”?
The family will release him soon.
Is that weird for you?
No, I have no rights to it. Not in his writings. I was the co-owner of the apartment and only have the rights to all the things that were in the apartment. And the manuscripts were in our apartment.
But Foucault was very explicit in his desire that there should be no posthumous publications. And already the lectures at the Collège de France were published posthumously.
The lectures were published with my help. We were confronted with a particular situation: They appeared first in Italy, and the family Foucault tried to prevent this. But the French law has no effective power in Italy. Was much more difficult that Foucault has always said no to the posthumous publication, because he was afraid of ending up like Kafka, but at the same time allowing his students to record lectures. Since Foucault’s death, we published “dits et Ecrits” and 13 tapes of his lectures – there are six or seven.

Progressive Geographies

Michel_Focault_13102015There is an interview with Daniel Defert in German here, in which he discusses Foucault’s life and work, Adorno, May 68 and political activism, the AIDES group he founded after his death, the lecture courses and the material sold to the BNF, and confirms that the History of Sexuality, Vol IV, Les aveux de la chair, will eventually be published. I already knew this from Defert, but this might be the first place it’s been publicly announced.

The article can be viewed by clicking on ‘Weiter zum Artikel’ when you load the page. Many thanks to Kai Frederik Lorentzen for the link.

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