While some papers are below, my ResearchGate page is now where I tend to upload my full-texts.

Free fulltext downloads to my published articles and chapters, grouped by topic. For my books (and chapters in books), see this listing on Google.

Surveillance, Privacy, Security.

Crampton 2013. “Is Security Sustainable?” Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 31(4), 571-577. [Open access full text]

Crampton 2012. “Outsourcing the State.” Geopolitics, 17, pp. 687-691. Part of a special section edited by Simon Springer and Heather Chi called “Leaky Geopolitics: the Ruptures and Transgressions of WikiLeaks.”

Crampton 2007. “The Biopolitical Justification for Geosurveillance.” Geographical Review, 97(3), pp. 389-403.

Crampton 2003. “Cartographic rationality and the politics of geosurveillance and security.” CaGIS, 30(2), pp. 135-148.

2 responses to “Downloads

  1. Idris Isah Iliyasu

    Keep the good things, and thank you for the free full text download.

  2. Christie Manners

    May I use the privacy google page image for an illustration in my Middle School classrom demonstrating the use of the Latin root word -priv-?

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