Space Enterprise Council forum on “Enhanced View”

Updated below.

Tomorrow, Friday April 27 2012, the Space Enterprise Council will hold a discussion on the NGA “Enhanced View” (EV) program.

The details of location and time are here.

According to Directions Magazine, the Space Enterprise Council of TechAmerica is a DC lobbying outfit. More details here.

Enhanced View is the multi-billion dollar contract NGS awards on an ongoing basis to imagery contractors to basically buy and license their imagery. The redacted NGA Budget Justification obtained by a FAS FOIA contains some details of quantities of data transferred (ie over 400 terabytes a year, see p. 294 of the 2010 NGA Budget Justification). EnhancedView has been cited as a $7.3 billion program over ten years.

Update: The New York Times has a story about clashes between the DoD and the IC about the future of programs such as Enhanced View. The IC wants to cut costs and do more in-house imagery surveillance, while the DoD wants to contract out. See the story here.

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